Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Arlen Spector To Blow Taxpayer Dollars On Football

Ok, so you don't like how the investigation has gone with the Patriots and Spygate. Let me take some of the focus off of that for just a second, and bring some realization to the world here.

1) The economy has just about hit rock bottom.
2) We're spending $100 billion MORE dollars in defense than all the other countries combined, and no one is scared of us like they are North Korea who spend 0.5% of what we spend on defense.
3) We have more poverty than any other country on this planet.
4) We're spending 19 million on the drug wars annually.
5) Our government just sent rebate checks to all the taxpayers, I don't know, to gain their trust. At least the general population would spend the money better..

Apparently to Senator Arlen Spector, all this pales in comparison to the fact that the New England Patriots broke a rule of the NFL. I'm going to repeat. "Broke a rule in the NFL."

Arlen Spector wants to conduct an investigation of the New England Patriots now, and guess on who's tab? Yours! Mine! OURS! That's right, because he doesn't like how a football game ruling has turned out, he's going to conduct an investigation on our dime. Absolutely incredible. I could understand if it had something to do with what baseball just went through with steriods, where an illegal drug was used. This is football, this is a little broken rule. Get over it, and don't spend my money on it!

Senator, what are you thinking? Seriously.

Arlen Spector, you are a prime example of what's wrong with this country.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Email Spammer Arrested

Before I get into this post. I would like to clear up some things. Number 1, email spamming in and of itself is okay, in my opinion. Do I do it? No. Do I want to do it? No. There's just too many people who are stiff about it who will turn you in for doing so. Is it annoying? Yes. But so are these old people in Florida who like to drive 10 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone. Is that illegal? No. While impeding the speed limit technically is, I've never seen anything done about it.

So what it all comes down to is money. See, the government puts so much money into stopping email spam, and it becomes a big deal if someone is doing it. Should they place alot of money into sending police officers out looking for old geezers who are impeding traffic, then they'd be pissy about that as well.

I think it should all be legalized, and let the companies who write spam prevention programs make revenue off of their products to stop it. Because frankly, the Govt is losing this battle. They have an entire universe of spam to fight, and only a United States sized army to fight it. That's like me fighting Mike Tyson. I'd get my ass kicked. So legalize it, and let everyone do their job to stop it. Things will work itself out in the end.

As far as this guy who's been arrested. There's much more into it than meets the eye. If you read, he's into alot more than just email spamming. So don't look at this guy as JUST an email spammer...

was indicted by a federal grand jury on 35 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, e-mail fraud, identity theft and money laundering in connection to advertising and sales of NIM's "broadcast e-mail" software product and services.

For a read on this subject, head over here.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Yahoo API Search Feeds

What a pain in the ass. My keyword research tool uses Yahoo search result descriptions to tell me info about each keyword I use. While the info is wonderful, my problem right now is getting it down promptly. What's standing in my way? 5,000 search queries per day. So I'm sure you're saying, "Rick, just set up your script to use different IP addresses!".. Yeah, I have 30+ of them left over from the "good ole days", and I've been there, done that. They're checking for something else, and I'm gonna find out what it is so I can get this scan done. I have 116,000 more to go, and at this point, I set up a temp script to scan each keyword 18 seconds apart, that should keep me within my limit of 5,000 a day, but, it'll take me 23 or 24 days to get it done completely if I don't find another solution.

Once I get this done, build my bulk upload spreadsheets to get these terms into Overture, MSN, and Adwords quickly and efficiently. Then I'll have to get my script running that scans the results to make sure my ads are running as planned (mainly Overture).

If I'm giving away too many ideas, let me know, I can stop. ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Might I ask, what the hell is Google thinking? I know it's said all day long, and there is a quality issue. But why-o-why do they set max values of $5 or $10 per click on a keyword that is a penny term? Now think about this, from a business standpoint. If you were Google, and you had one term that had 10 million + searches per day. Why would you basically seize bidding on a term with that kind of volume, and make nothing? There are zero, zilch, absolutely no results for sponsored search. Does anyone know what kind of money that equates to if there was just one site bidding $0.05 per click? I do. $500,000 per day, from just 1 site at $0.05! Imagine if there was 5 sites bidding on page 1, or even 15 sites bidding through 2 pages. At some point, this quality score bullshit starts to hold your money hostage, Google. USE YOUR HEAD!!!

Not only is this happening with "myspace", but it's happening around the globe with tons of terms. Maybe it doesn't much matter to them? Who knows. Wasted potential...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool

It's amazing what junk the Overture Tool produces as far as keyword suggestions is concerned. What started out as a list of 23k loan terms that I ran. That turned into 200k suggestions from Overture. Then came the sifting through to see what kinda junk they returned. Oh man. I have about 148k left after filtering out all the crap they jammed into my list. That's 52k terms that I could have easily uploaded and wasted trashbags full of money on. What I initially thought would end up being 2/3's junk, ended up to be only about a 1/4 junk, nevertheless, could have been very costly.

Next time you use the Overture tool, think about this post, and scroll down and review my post regarding Keyword Research.