Friday, May 18, 2007

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool

It's amazing what junk the Overture Tool produces as far as keyword suggestions is concerned. What started out as a list of 23k loan terms that I ran. That turned into 200k suggestions from Overture. Then came the sifting through to see what kinda junk they returned. Oh man. I have about 148k left after filtering out all the crap they jammed into my list. That's 52k terms that I could have easily uploaded and wasted trashbags full of money on. What I initially thought would end up being 2/3's junk, ended up to be only about a 1/4 junk, nevertheless, could have been very costly.

Next time you use the Overture tool, think about this post, and scroll down and review my post regarding Keyword Research.

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Yarden said...

Hi rick,
I enojoyed to read you blog posts.
It's amazing to see the amounts of moeny you are making by your business and it's very motivational for beginners like me. ;)
I hope one day I will get there too.