Saturday, May 19, 2007


Might I ask, what the hell is Google thinking? I know it's said all day long, and there is a quality issue. But why-o-why do they set max values of $5 or $10 per click on a keyword that is a penny term? Now think about this, from a business standpoint. If you were Google, and you had one term that had 10 million + searches per day. Why would you basically seize bidding on a term with that kind of volume, and make nothing? There are zero, zilch, absolutely no results for sponsored search. Does anyone know what kind of money that equates to if there was just one site bidding $0.05 per click? I do. $500,000 per day, from just 1 site at $0.05! Imagine if there was 5 sites bidding on page 1, or even 15 sites bidding through 2 pages. At some point, this quality score bullshit starts to hold your money hostage, Google. USE YOUR HEAD!!!

Not only is this happening with "myspace", but it's happening around the globe with tons of terms. Maybe it doesn't much matter to them? Who knows. Wasted potential...

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Taroon said...

Sometimes, I think we should all go back to long as google are not the sheep dogs.

The CPC market is going to get worse and worse, google are providing the infrastructure, and we are all making it happen.

Interesting stuff Rick.